Wedding in Monsoon

How to Plan a Monsoon Wedding

Do most wedding anniversaries in your family fall in the months of November and December? But now it is your turn to get married, and you are in no mood to follow the family path. Do not worry! Choose the unconventional norm and tie your nuptial knot this monsoon season. A monsoon wedding might sound a little clumsy but if planned well, can reap many benefits as compared to winter weddings.

As most of the weddings take place in the latter part of the year, so all the best venues and caterers are pre-booked, and even the pundits are not free. But, monsoon is the best time to bargain for deals as most vendors are free at this time of the year. So this monsoon season, get what you want at the lowest cost and make your wedding far more exciting.

A blessing in disguise

You are probably thinking about the myriad problems that can occur, if you choose to get married during the rainy season. But there are plenty of reasons to give it a happy nod as well.


1. Like shoe sales throughout this season, the prices of caterers also go down. You can easily bargain with venue managers, and can manage to save a lot of money. All the more, you can use this saved amount to plan your exotic honeymoon.


2. It may seem unbelievable but people actually book popular wedding halls a year in advance. But if you are an August bride, you will get your desired venue even a week in advance.


3. It is a great idea to escape from the city and have a wedding at a hill station or a beach. Your wedding will be a great vacation for all your invitees and will be fondly remembered by all.


4. Monsoon is a very romantic time and tying the knot with raindrops falling all around will surely make you fall for you partner even more.


5. Bridal makeup tends to melt away during this sultry season. So, avoid any cream-based make up, be it a blush or an eyeshadow. Also, use a use waterproof eyeliner and mascara to prevent it from spreading.


Ask your wedding planner to arrange for waterproof tents at the venue. To be on the safer side, organise all the ceremonies indoors. Make sure that there are no leakages anywhere. Besides this, choose a venue which is convenient for all the guests. Also check for any potholes outside the venue. Make arrangements for valets with large umbrellas to help the guests reach the venue from their cars. You can also hire a few cabs to pick and drop selective guests.

The Menu

Monsoon weddings give you an unparalleled opportunity to explore different menu options. Just take extra care to ensure that everything is prepared in a hygienic manner, since there is a greater chance of stomach ailments during this season. Make sure that everything is fresh; the best way to do this is by having live counters. Besides tava items and pasta, a live counter for bhajiyas and jalebi will also be a definite hit. You can also add hot drinks like masala or kulladh chai, kesar doodh with rabri and badaam milk in your menu.

The monsoon theme

Make ‘rain’ as your theme by using fountains, umbrellas and rainbow colours around the venue. Add some special touch to brighten the ambience. You can do this by using bright colours to decorate the venue. Play classic monsoon songs at the reception. If you love pre-wedding functions, plan a rain dance party for your friends. It will definitely be a show-stealing event.

So, now you know why a monsoon wedding is not a bad idea at all. Follow our tips and divert your expenses to more fruitful plans such as your honeymoon, a joint investment plan or may be a first night gift.

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