War killed my dad, but who started the WAR ?

BJP MP compares Kargil soldier’s daughter to Dawood Ibrahim for taking an anti-war stand

On Twitter, Pratap Simha said the Mumbai serial blasts’ mastermind did not use ‘his [policeman] father’s name to justify his anti-national stand’.

Bharatiya Janata Party MP Pratap Simha on Sunday compared Gurmehar Kaur, daughter of an Army captain killed during the Kargil war, to Mumbai serial blasts mastermind Dawood Ibrahim. On Twitter, Simha posted juxtaposed images of Kaur and Ibrahim with a caption that read, “At least Dawood did not use the crutches of his [policeman] father’s name to justify his anti-national stand”.

The Mysuru-Kodagu MP’s post is a reference to Kaur’s silent video campaign made in 2016, calling for an end to state-sponsored conflict between India and Pakistan. “Pakistan did not kill my dad, war killed him,” she said. Simha’s post has Ibrahim holding a placard that reads, “I did not kill people in 1993, bombs killed them.”

Kaur’s more recent campaign against the right-wing Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad’s violence at Ramjas College in Delhi led viewers to her campaign against state-sponsored conflict. In the older campaign, she had said, “I also remember how much I used to hate Pakistan and Pakistanis because they killed my dad. I used to hate Muslims too because I thought all Muslims are Pakistanis.”

While her campaign against the violence in Delhi got mixed responses, reactions from cricketer Virendra Sehwag and actor Randeep Hooda escalated the controversy on the internet. On Sunday, Sehwag had published a post that showed him holding a placard that read, “I didn’t score two triple centuries. My bat did.” Hooda had said Kaur’s campaign “reeks of political usage of a man’s child who died defending the line drawn.”

Union Minister Kiren Rijiju also raised doubts about the campaign. “Who is polluting this young girl’s mind?” Rijiju posted.

Journalist Shekhar Gupta criticised Sehwag and Hooda. “Nobody’s patriotism needs certificates and hers has stamp of her father’s supreme sacrifice,” his Twitter post said.

The 20-year-old had said she has received rape threats in response to her campaign.


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Small Budget, Premium Weddings

Yes, Small Budget, Premium Weddings is lil’bit confuing name as Premium wedding is not possible with small budget, this is what we think at first.

But it is possible if you plan accordningly.

Sometimes simple design makes everything so rich, as you can see in Images i have attached here, the costing of such wedding decor is nothing but just Rs.20,000/- only.

Yes, you read it correctly, Such decor is avaible in India market at just 20,000/- with color options in fabric and artficial flowers.

All we need is to find such vendors who can understand our simple concept for premium looking wedding.

Good luck. Thank you

Ban on big Indian Weddings

Jammu and Kashmir bans Big fat weddings got bans by Jammu and Kashmir Goverment.


Yes, it’s true. Now there will be limitation on numbers of guest and items on dishes.

This is new ban by PDP-BJP goverment in Jammu & Kashmir, India.

In an order issued by Secretary to J&K Government, Department of Food, Civil Supplies and Consumer Affairs, Shafiq Ahmed Raina, it was stated that the department has number of complaints and representations from people regarding injudicious use of essential commodities and extravaganza expenditures being made in both public and private functions by most of the people in the State.

It stated that taking into consideration the complaints of people, it has been decided by the government to ban fat weddings in the State.

“The number of guests to be invited for the marriage of daughter (barat) and marriage of son should be restricted to a maximum of 500 and 400 people respectively. Only 100 people should be invited to attend like engagements and other small functions,” reads the official order.

As per the order, the number of vegetable and non-vegetable dishes to be cooked in marriage and other functions should be restricted to a maximum of seven each besides two stalls of sweets or fruits.

In Kashmir, wazwan, the traditional Kashmiri cuisine, is served during the marriage functions.  The wazwan is prepared by traditional local chefs, known as ‘Wazas’, who specialize in cooking the mostly mutton-based feast.

The government has said the order to restrict number of dishes and number of guests in marriage and other functions will come into effect in the State from April 1 this year.

“It should be ensured that there is no wastage of any food items uncooked or cooked during the wedding functions. If there are some surplus food items (cooked), it should not be thrown into dustbins but provided to deserving people and old age homes after properly preserving and packing,” reads the order.

It further stated that there shall be complete ban on sending dry fruits and sweet packets, etc with invitation cards by any person to relatives, friends, guests, invitees, etc.

The government has also ordered ban on use of amplifiers, loudspeakers and firecrackers during the private and official functions.

“There shall be complete ban on use of amplifiers, loud speakers, fire crackers in any government or private social functions,” reads the order adding “It will save the general public from the inconvenience of noise pollution and air pollution caused by the various gadgets.”

Nowadays, in marriage functions in Kashmir, there is a lot of noise due to use of high pitch sound amplifiers, loud speakers, decks, profuse lightning, bursting of crackers etc.

J&K Minister for Food, Civil Supplies, and Consumer Affairs (FCS&CA) Choudhary Zulfkar Ali assured strict implementation of the order. “The law is same for everyone, and would be applied to all, irrespective, of his/her status in the society.”

He said keeping in view that many people have already distributed invitation cards, and have made arrangements as per the invitation, therefore, a buffer period of 40 days is given to them and the order would be applicable from April 1.

The J&K government’s decision to ban big fat weddings comes at a time when a bill (Marriages Compulsory Registration and Prevention of Wasteful Expenditure Bill, 2016) has been introduced in Lok Sabha to put a limit on the number of guests to be invited and dishes to be served in weddings to check the “show of wealth”.

The bill introduced by Congress MP from Bihar Ranjeet Ranjan, wife of MP Pappu Yadav, wants those spending above Rs 5 lakh to contribute towards marriages of poor girls.

In 2004, the then PDP-Congress coalition government had ordered the “guest control” in marriage functions. However, the order was revoked within few months.

But now thing is it will affect on many agencies, GDP is all about spending money, and they are banning it, We can understand food wasting should be stop, but spending money on decoration and other stuff is good for many labor and workers in wedding industry.

Yes, I still Remember

​Yes, I still remember.

She was going home by walk, I parked my ride on the road to get her way block.
With the help of a blade in my right hand, I got blood on my other hand,
It was paining like hell in the rain, but the tears were there for some other pain,
Tears from both eyes were playing a racing game, throat was not able to call her name,
Yes, I Still remember.
Like a man I tried, she ignored and again I cried,
She walked away and away. I was still standing there anyway,
Tears rolled down like a river, I shouted her name higher than ever,
Eyes were waiting for her turn and look, and waited till the road turn and she took,
My eye lost the sights, all went black and i fell on my back..!
Yes , i still remember 
It was so beautiful, It was so true. 
I wont lie, I want to do it again and Die.
– Ssandeep B Teraiya

Crying Girl

It was calm Sunday noon, I was read a novel ” I too had a love story”. Book is awesome by an Indian writer, I was feeling happy after reading few scene between Two main characters. I closed book, and left for some work.

I started me bike, it was peaceful on road, no traffic at all. I saw a girl some 19 year old, wearing jeans and T shirt, open hair, talking on phone and holding one plastic bag in her hand with some oranges in it. But what I noticed was She was crying loudly, and she was trying to convince someone on other side of phone call.i am sure it will be some love relationships issue. 

But I feel sad when I saw someone crying like this on road as such scene reminds me one of school friend’s break up.

He was also crying on phone and her girl friend was not giving damn about it.

We were at “chowpaty” at Porbandar, I knew his whole 3 years old love story, and I was happy for him that both love each other a lot. But letter I went to other city for my job, and he called me up that he is going through Break up, and he needs me, so went there to meet him. He told me everything that he saw his girlfriend with some other boy at Garden, and then he fought with his girlfriend, and told her that never call me again and all stuff. But after a just week he started to miss her again, and he started texting and calling her again but now she was not giving replay. 

I told him that if she is having affair with someone else. Leave her, she is not even worth for a single text. Just forget her, and don’t call her or text her. 

But he was like wanted to talk with her last time and wanted to ask why you did this? 

He called me from my phone, she picked up, and my friend started to crying like baby. Was saying on phone baby I love you so much, I miss you so much, please don’t leave me, I am sorry, I will never doubt on you. Please i will die without you and bla..bla..bla..

She hanged up the call, and my friend was still crying and hugged me. 

It was all long before, and now my that friend is happily married with some other girl.

I felt to call him to tease him.

I called him, and asked him do you remember that break up day ? Crying like baby ? And we both laughed. 

I hope this young girl who was crying on road talking with someone on phone will laugh soon with such funny memories of break up days. 

“Time is the only solution of all the problems” 

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Meaning of Life.

The meaning of life is to create heaven on earth.

None of us know what will happen when we breathe out our last breath and we walk through the big blue door into whatever lies beyond. For ever and ever. I find that, to say the least, unspeakably and all-encompassingly TERRIFYING.

The meaning of my life, as far as I’m concerned, is to do whatever I can to contribute towards bringing humanity and science to a point where there is no disease, no death, no hunger, no poverty, no recessions, no environmental destruction.

Maybe we’ll never get to the point where science is advanced enough and political cadres progressive enough to bring about highly advanced, zero-footprint agricultural systems, perfectly automated economic systems, perfectly automated medical care and perfectly automated education.

Still, the possibility that every human being could have abundant food, excellent medical care and comprehensive education at zero cost to anyone is just too massively rewarding to ignore.

  • No more debates on welfare since the essential goods welfare would provide cost nothing or very close to nothing.
  • No more recessions set off by human error.
  • Maybe even no more death if we manage to reverse age and upgrade body parts if Zoltan Istvan – Wikipedia is anywhere close to the truth.
  • No more human cogs in the economic machine working 9–5 to do what a machine will be able to do. Spend more time with your children, manage your assets and wealth, contribute to science and research full-time, write a symphony, or build that Minecraft metropolis.

That’s what gives me hope – turning this earth from the spinning clusterf*ck we have now into a place that’s as close to heaven as possible.

PS. I suppose I am what you could call Christian. I love the culture and tradition of the Dutch Reformed Church I was raised in, I think faith adds great utility to my life and I have zero interest in converting anyone or interfering with anyone else’s life or lifestyle choices.

No-one can rationally prove what lies beyond death, and I’m quite contented in acting as an industrious, ethical human being for as long as I live and believing that there’s a divine Bed & Breakfast in the sky where I will be able to be reunited with my family and loved ones one day – in case we don’t manage to attain immortality.

(This is not my blog, but i read somewhere, full credits goes to whoever wrote this)

Thank you

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