Men always needs and cares for foxy body?

I found life positive after reading this. 🙂 good one

Kiran Mahesh

Last night, had a conversation with one of my friend over whatsapp. She was complaining about her husband that she ain’t look foxy as she was looking before few years ago and that’s why her husband is no longer loves and cares for her. She was crying over her secrifies she has done for her husband. Her last lines left deep impression in my mind “Menonlyneedsandcaresforfoxybody, onceyourbeautystartedfeding, sodoeshislovestartedfedingouttoo.”

I was unable to sleep after that conversation. However, I mange to sleep with those last lines.

Early in the morning,

I wake up, went to bathroom, freshan up and while was wiping my face I looked into mirror and started observing my skin and was trying to find wrinkles if any? I questioned myself “do I look the same?…

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