Start Business with Rs.5000/-


There are many people who are looking for new business idea, most of them are bored with their jobs, or they want to earn more. I am sure there are many business ideas are available online, may be mine too, but I am writting this to help someone who do not have enough fund to start a business.

As per blog title, Start Business with Rs.5000/- . yes, you can start this business with just Rs. 5000/- and you can earn more then 1000 per day. here i would like to share the whole idea step by step so that you can start your new business and get extra income. I hope you will try this Idea if you are looking for new business. and if you like then please subscribe to my blogs. Thanks in Advance.

You can start Balloon decoration business with just 5000/-

Investment :

1.Balloon blower – Rs.1500/-    you can buy from here (

2.Pvc electical pipes – Rs.100/- ( 5 to 6 pipes) ( you can buy from any electrical store)

3.Iron plates and 2’6” rod – Rs. 2000/-  ( you can get it from local vendors)

4. Balloons – as per orders. ( you can get it from wholesale market )

How to do it?

There are many videos on youtube on how to do it.

( )


You will get balloon at the cost of Rs. 700 for 1000 balloons, means  Rs. 0.70/ balloon.

Decoration charges are 5 to 6 Rs. per balloon.

You can practice ae home or wherever you get good space to work.

Then you can start meeting people with pictures of your decoration.

per decor one can earn at least 1500/-

Rs.1000/- can be pure profit per event.

once you get enough clients, then you can invest more in theme decor, Gas balloons etc.

Sharing here few of my work. Hope you like it.

you may contact me anytime for more help. Good luck for your new start up.

Thank you


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